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Vienamese Couisine with Nhu

Thursday, July 18, 6pm

Oroville Center For Spiritual Living

3135 Oro Dam Blvd. East

Oroville, California 95966


During this presentation, Nhu will demonstrate the process of putting together a vermicelli rice noodle soup that’s good for diabetics, low salt, weight loss, helping with bowel movement, and the many great benefits of Southeast Asian herbs. The second dish will be spring rolls or summer rolls, how to make it ‘not a burrito’. The 3rd will be spontaneous, Nhu will bring many basic ingredients and will see what guests may like—-something with tamarind? Something creamy? Something with curry? Actually, Nhu encourages you to bring one of your favorite vegetables or spices, and we’ll explore creating a dish together.

In order to have an idea as to the headcount and how many ingredients to buy and have enough dining ware, we are charging a $5.00 fee for a 3 dish tasting.  If you are planning to come you better get your ticket now.  


About Nuh:

Nhu Huynh was born in Vietnam a few years after the ‘American’ war. Her family relocated to Oroville, CA under a political refugee program in July of 1994. 

Nhu finished 5th grade in Vietnam, and with suggestion by a family friend repeated 5th grade again at Wyandotte Ave. School in Oroville, to have more time to learn English. 

Nhu graduated from Chico State with an Environmental Science degree with an emphasis in Chemistry, and Minoring in Environmental Issues and Mathematics. She was also the Recycling Education Coordinator and Compost Education Coordinator for the AS Recycling and Sustainability program. Nhu started the graduate program in 2007. She became a Teaching Assistant and Lecturer for the Department of Geological and Environmental Science and the Science Education program teaching both general Ed students and Liberal studies majors. After spending hundreds of hours working on her science project, and not getting consistent data and switching from one machine to another, Nhu realized she didn’t have the personality to be a ‘lab rat’. She was given a scholarship to get a teaching credential for science. Nhu believed this was a great opportunity to teach all students about the environment, rather than waiting for the few privilege students to go to college to understand this. However, the Universe seemed to have other plans for her. After finishing the credential program and subbing for the last 4 years,  she ended up getting sick, which has given Nhu an opportunity to work with creating food. Nhu have always believed that food is medicine and that when you care about someone you make them tasty food. After learning that her elder friend had a low sodium restriction, Nhu recreated many Vietnamese dishes for her friend to enjoy.