Welcome to Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback is a retraining of the electrical impulses of your body into alignment. Each therapy is designed to target an area of your body and bring the electrical impulses in that area into harmony.

Quantum Biofeedback works with resonance frequencies and biology. The gist of the system revolves around allowing the body to heal by improving the balance of the electromagnetic impulses your body fires, re-framing situations where there has been loss of energy due to emotional, mental or physical stress, allowing the life force energy to better express throughout your body.


Quantum Biofeedback is calibrated to measure the impulses of your body's reactions to determine the imbalances that are taking place within your body. These reactions are then compared to normal energetic readings for each of the areas that have shown an imbalance in your body. We can then target specific areas via numerous therapies designed to harmonize your life force holistically. This is done through the use of a biofeedback loop that sends electromagnetic waves back to you. These waves retrain by entrainment your own electrical impulses, allowing your body to be able to heal itself in a natural way.


At the conscious level you are being coached and are an active participant in this process. The techniques you will learn will support and help you navigate through the changes happening in your body and effect those changes in your healing regenerative process. 

Ampcoil sessions available