My story....

My long standing interest in life force energy that goes beyond the five senses guided me to discover Quantum Biofeedback during a personal health crisis. The outcome of this experience affected me profoundly as I made a connection between scientific aspects of quantum dynamics and healing I experienced in my entire being. As a spiritual coach I incorporate Quantum Biofeedback therapy as a tool to run higher vibrational frequencies for my clients. Working together we quiet the busy mind, tap into the innate intelligence of the body and gain the opportunity to access a level of knowledge often reserved for our subconscious or superconscious mind. In this way we are able to make healing available in many dimensions.
Sessions begin with clients feeling relaxed and experiencing a palpable sensation of well being. As we continue, the door to healing opens and clients are exposed to a sacred space where the essence of self healing resides. Healing meets the individual in places where their energy is ready to shift. Those desiring to be empowered by participating in their own healing continue to expand as we identify and use the tools proven to acquire subsequent shifts.
I welcome the opportunity to inspire you on a journey to wholeness through energetic dimensions!  Sincerely, Carmen