Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

My daughter Patrizia & I
My daughter Patrizia & I

Chances are that if you're here, you already understand that the mind/body/spirit connection is a powerful one, and that without the balance of one, the others can suffer. If you're ready to explore the possibilities of holistic well-being and are seeking more information on stress reduction and wellness I can help. I strive to provide the most appropriate complementary approaches to wellness, stress reduction, nutrition or life enhancement. You might want to have a sesion for yourself or for you and your partner.


You can purchase your biofeedback sessions here. All transactions go through PayPal, a safe, secure, and trusted online payment system.


My purpose is to serve businesses and organizations with the best opportunity to consistently experience vibrant health environment by providing inspiring and effective services and resources for your staff.
As a business owner you know the benefits of
     Increased employee productivity
     Decreased employee sick time
     Increased over all well-being of your company
     Community connection
     Increased morale/loyalty of employees
     Improved employee quality of health
     Decreased insurance and healthcare costs

You can promote a healthier quality of life force in your business environment through quantum biofeedback, by purchasing sessions in bulk, thus reducing their out of pocket pay per session expense. You can purchase your sessions here.



Animals are unable to communicate with us in the most obvious of ways, although it may be apparent that they are suffering both from physical and/or psychological problems. Pet owners have seen vast improvement in the behavior and increased vitality of their pets using the Quantum Biofeedback Technology. Pets generally respond very quickly.  Pets also respond to subspace technology which can be done without harnesses.


Quantum Biofeedback is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease, physical or mental. Each session is designed to target areas of your body that have shown reactivity and deliver electrical impulses to those areas to restore balance. For the diagnosis and treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.