All these testimonies are from people I have seen personally, from emails and comments made to me directly. Everybody experience their own version of their treatment. However the one thing that they all have in common is the ability to be the observers of their own stressors at multitude of levels, thus inspiring them to be able to make the necessary changes in their own life.

“Thank you Carmen for such a wonderful biofeedback session.  I feel results that have helped my energy level and I also feel a greater sense of well being.  It was great to have my partner present for my session as I can feel a synergistic effect that has created more harmony between us.  Most of all your sense of intuition was a great attribute to have as part of the session – you were able to intuit some patterns and dynamics that were contributing to my overall health and that was greatly beneficial.”


I went to the Doctor a couple of weeks ago, and for the first time in 5-6 years my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and the only differences are my taking the Zrii and your biofeedback.”  

“I just had to let you know that for the FIRST year in 7 years of living in this area.....I AM NOT SUFFERING FROM ALLERGIES!!!  I am sure it is a combo of all the different things I have done over the years....BUT the biofeedback was the icing on that cake!!! Dear God thank you!!! Also my brain is feeling more and more balanced and my emotions more and more calm. THANK YOU!!!!”


”My index finger had developed a huge calcium deposit on the knuckle, it was getting to be painful to bend... After the biofeedback session the lump on my knuckle was over 75% reduced, I couldn’t believe, Is this process for real?" 


“...there are days that I am so good that I feel that things are going to be like before, but then there are days like today for example that the pain comes back, but your treatment gave me tranquility and a  feeling of safety, and there are so many things that you hit the nail on the head that I am very impressed.  A thousand thanks.”

“...they had checked his blood pressure, told him to double up on his medication, asked him if he had had the tests, charged him $83 and let him go. However, since his biofeedback session he feels terrific, thanks to the work you are doing and his better habits.”

“Thanks Carmen!  I am so grateful to be feeling so much better for my 37th year! Also thanks for the links!  I found our session very helpful. I noticed a difference on the way home!  I was feeling more and more like I am full of worth and can put self first!  WOW!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

“I couldn't explain it to my husband when he asked me.  I felt differently, lighter and not so confused.  It was more like an emotional clearing, a truly spiritual experience...”


“....they wanted to do a biopsy on me and I told them, Why don’t you do another blood test again before we do the biopsy?  When the doctor saw the results he said, I do not know what you are doing but keep it up and come to see me next year.  After my biofeedback session I said to myself I do not need to have this.  I can make the changes to have a different outcome in life.”

“...I went to my chiropractor after the session and he was able to access 4 places where he was not being able to before.  He had been trying for several weeks, and by the way,I am also sleeping better....!